File emails from Outlook with FileChimp

  • File emails into network folders and Outlook sub folders
  • File emails from Outlook folders automatically
  • Backup & Archive Emails and Documents into project folders
  • Automatic and selective 1 click email filing for Outlook
  • Auto save emails based on email addresses, domain names,
    project numbers, user tags or user input in the subject line
  • File emails by conversation thread automatically
  • No new rules or folders to find each time a new client is added
  • Powerful Outlook plugin for single emails or bulk filing
  • FileChimp can save sent or received email messages
  • No need to manually file emails when you send them
  • Automatically save email attachments to a folder
  • File email from Public Folders and shared mailboxes
  • Works with O365, MS Exchange & GSuite accounts using Outlook
  • Compatible with Outlook 2010, 2013 2016 & 2019 & 365 Apps
  • Save email to PDF, MSG, DOC, HTML, RTF , EML, TXT

FileChimp makes it easy to automatically file emails from Outlook into relevant network folders, avoid duplication and share emails. Organise and keep a copy of filed emails in Outlook.

With FileChimp you don't need to make new rules each time a new project or new client is added. FileChimp uses patterns to match each file name to the correct destination folder or sub folder. Using FileChimp you can also batch file emails or file selective emails to folders anywhere on the network. FileChimp can copy or move files or emails, delete filed emails or leave a copy of filed emails in Outlook.

So what exactly does FileChimp do?

  • A Lawyer can use FileChimp to save emails into named client folders on the network.
  • An Architect or Engineer can like to save emails into numbered project folders.
  • An Accountant can save emails into folders matching the clients email address.
  • A network administrator can auto save all emails to disk for disaster recovery.
  • A user can use FileChimp to organise a download folder into different file types.

Rule based filing saves time. Contact us for further information or download a free trial.