File emails based on project numbers

A typical Architects filing system is structured around project or job numbers and may look something like this –

If you want to file emails based on project numbers you can create a rule as follows –

If you like you can also use the ‘Add subfolder path’ option if you want emails to be located within a subfolder of the matched folder

Note –
To create a pattern enter ‘0’ for each digit you want to match ie 4 digits would be 0000 OR 5 digits would be 00000

To match a character or string of characters replace the character for ‘a’ eg. A pattern rule of 0000a would match 1234g or 1567d but not 1054bb

To match something explicitly in a file name use [ ] to specify the exact requirement. eg. A pattern rule of 0000[n]a would match 1000no and 1200nc but not 1000n or 1000an or 1000bb

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