5 Common pitfalls of email archiving solutions

By | November 8, 2019

If you are on the lookout for an email archiving solution here are some questions often asked by customers to consider

Q : Does the software require any databases

A : No. No fancy databases or ongoing IT administration. FileChimp is a client side tool and is 100% self sufficient and requires no additional servers or software.

Q : How easy is it to deploy the software to multiple users

A : Create and deploy central configurations. You only need to setup FileChimp once and configure a network location from where all additional installations will pull their configuration from.

Q : What are the common pitfalls addressed by your email archiving solution

A : Most systems require users or administrators to re-configure the software for new clients or projects. FileChimp is different in that it will automatically pick up new client or project folders added to the network - so no additional action is required by the user, simply record the client name or project number anywhere in the subject line and FileChimp will file the email to the correct folder. In addition automatic filing can help to capture emails that might not normally be filed by users who have not fully adopted an email archiving solution.

Q : Once we start using the system - how hard is it to 'opt out' should we chose to do so

A : Emails are saved by default as regular .msg files which can be opened by Outlook. Emails saved into folders with other documents are easy to backup/restore and no special software would be required to read the emails which could be dragged back into Outlook should a user chose to do so.

Q : Can we file historic emails easily

A : Yes, once setup you can batch process selected emails and file them automatically to the network by either drag and drop into a Sync folder or by matching project numbers / client names / email addresses to network folders.