MSI Deployment

Installing the MSI installer to client machines is performed in the following way –

1. create a network share accessible to the client machines

2. Place the appropriate msi installer(s) into the network share location

3. msiexec /i \\<servername>\<networkshare>\filechimp.msi /q


To uninstall FileChimp using the MSI installer you would run

msiexec /x \\<servername>\<networkshare>\filechimp.msi /q


To deploy a standard configuration and rules –

1. Configure the Outlook addin settings and the FileChimp application settings and rules as you intend them to be deployed.

2. Specify the Central Config path in both the Outlook addin and FileChimp application settings if you would like the clients to update from central configurations each time the applications are restarted.

3. Copy the config files to the network share. You will find the config files here – C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\FileChimp

4. You can deploy the application by supplying a switch to the msi as follows –



You can also use PSEXEC to replace / copy the initial config files into place –


NOTE – In all examples provided you need to replace any references including and between < >