store email in the file system

Storing email within Outlook is often a problem as colleagues cannot easily review project or client related emails. There is also a disconnect between email storage and all other correspondence and project data. To overcome these limitations it makes sense to store email in the file system alongside other data. When you store mail in the file system it also makes it easier to backup or archive project data as it is all stored in the same place. FileChimp does exactly this.

Emails are stored as individual message files (.msg) files within the file system folders as regular files would be. In addition file attributes are added to each email making it possible to easily identify the sender / recipients email addresses, number of attachments or user entered tags which can be assigned to each file.

Outlook has built in functionality to allow users to save individual email messages to the file system. Select the message you wish to save and go to File, Saveas to select the destination path to save the message file to. FileChimp offers predictive single click filing to file single emails or to batch file emails to system folders. FileChimp also offers an automatic email filing solution where the email can be filed into system folders with no user interaction.