Save attachments from Outlook emails

FileChimp allows you to save attachments from multiple Outlook emails to a destination folder. There are several ways to do this –


Save attachments separately for manually filed emails –

Once enabled, simply select multiple emails from any Outlook folder and select either QuickFile or File Selection to specify a filing location to save the emails and their seperated attachments into. Each email will be saved and the separate attachment(s) will be saved alongside the email in the same folder.


Save attachments separately based on routed emails –

Use this option if you have enabled Auto saving emails and have configured a rule to process emails. Attachments will be saved separately into the same destination folder matched by the rule.


Save all attachments to a specified folder –

This is the simplest option to accumulate all attachments in one folder automatically.



Don’t forget that you can alter the attachment file name template to include additional fields such as the senders email address or the date and time the attachment was sent.