Network deployment of FileChimp

Installation – FileChimp is provided as an MSI installer which can be deployed using GPO policies or 3rd party deployment tools.

Applying common configurations to all machines –

First install and configure FileChimp as required on a standalone machine

Create a network share to store central configurations. This share must be accessible to all computers you wish to deploy FileChimp to

Save the configuration from the addin and the application to the network share

Deploy a registry patch specifying the shared configuration locations for the addin and the app

Create a new KEY value

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Latitude IT Ltd\FileChimp\Configuration

Create a new string value for each of the configuration files, supplying the full path to the network share and filename. Create another string value for the serial number if you wish to automatically register computers to a specific licence.


You can also apply central configurations by licence. Simply send us the full path to your configurations and let us apply it to your licences. Each licenced computer will collect its configuration each time it restarts.

NOTE – FileChimp central configuration is applied by hierachy (the first configuration found will be applied)

  1. Central Licence Server Values
  2. Registry Keys
  3. Locally specified central path
  4. Local configuration