Email archiving solutions for Outlook

By default Outlook offers the user the ability to archive email into PST files. While this helps to reduce the users current mailbox size archived emails are often lost when a user changes computer or the system is rebuilt as a result of a virus or hard drive failure. The shortfalls often outweigh the benefits of archiving email in the first place.

When considering 3rd party solutions they generally make use of a database driven system. These systems require maintenance and often mean that you are tied to using this system forever more.

Filechimp is different in that it saves the emails as .msg files into regular network folders. These files will always be accessible where Outlook or a compatible viewer is installed on the system. Each email is stored as a single file so there is little chance of corruption and this eases backup concerns as the emails are backed up alongside your regular data.

Archiving projects is easy as files are contained alongside all other data, and file retrieval is just as easy as a single file can be recovered often without the need for specialist IT support.

Here are some important considerations –
How much administration is required to install and maintain the system.
Where is your data stored and how easy will it be to return to Outlook or change archiving solutions should your requirements change in years to come.