How to copy FileChimp settings by script

Network administrators can find the FileChimp configuration files located in the roaming profile for each user. There are 2 files, the first is for the Outlook Addin configuration and the other for the taskbar application settings, rules and profiles.

FileChimp config files

If you wish to deploy the same settings throughout the office you can copy these files by script to each user profile. Be sure to alter the configurations to make them work for all users by replacing any user profile references to %username%.

Always keep a backup of the original configurations before making any changes.

Note that if you are copying the FileChimp App settings by script FileChimp must be closed while the file is copied. If it is not closed at the time of copying the file the file will be over-written by the settings held in memory when the application exits. You ensure the process is terminated by placing the following in your script – taskkill /F /IM filechimp.exe

You can edit the configurations using notepad, but the recommended method is to make changes using the UI.

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