Auto save Outlook emails

Auto save Outlook emails to network folders based on email addresses, project numbers, client codes, references, tags, sender, domain names, specific user input or even to replicate Outlook sub folder names. There are many possibilities and once you have found what works for your office these settings can be easily deployed to all users. If you are not sure which method will work best for you contact us for guidance.

Here are some examples how FileChimp works –

A Lawyer wants to save a copy of every email sent or received to each client into a specific client folder on the network. First they would enable the auto save feature in Outlook and then configure a single generic rule to tell FileChimp to move any email from a client to their respective network folder. See a detailed explanation here.

Architects might like to file emails based on a 4 digit project number. Using FileChimp you can match any email containing a 4 digit reference in the subject line of any email and save it to a matching folder or sub folder on the network.

There is no need to create a new rule each time a new client is taken on – simply create a network folder matching their email address and FileChimp will start filing all emails there.

Benefits –
Save a lot of time, with FileChimp most emails are auto saved
Reliably file emails automatically
Emails are available to colleagues as soon as they are filed
Retain filed emails in Outlook or recover Outlook storage space when emails are filed, FileChimp is highly configurable
See which emails have been filed in Outlook (each filed email is marked)