Architects file emails in project folders

The best email archiving solution for Architects to file emails in relevant project folders.

  • Emails are archived alongside project data (typically in a sub folder for emails).
  • Work from Outlook and let FileChimp locate the correct folder to archive the email into.
  • Emails can be stored into a sub folder of the matched folder name.
  • Filed emails are shared emails - colleagues can reference important information relating to the project.

You can file emails automatically from Outlook into project folders using the FileChimp application. Specify a single generic rule to match the project numbers on your network. You can match any number or combination of letters and digits. For example if your project numbers are typically a 4 digit number, create a pattern rule and specify 0000 as the pattern to match. Emails will be filed automatically into the folder based on a number found in the subject line. Alternatively you could create a rule to match what is specified between [ ] in the subject line or by tags added to the email. Contact us to discuss the best email archiving strategy for your business.

See more about possible rule options here-

Basic rule options

Pattern rule options



What makes FileChimp the best email filing software for Architects to file emails in project folders?

FileChimp is an easy to deploy and manage email filing software suite. Once installed it gets to work filing your emails and saving you time. With FileChimp there is no need to manage cumbersome (and limited) Outlook rules. FileChimp is intelligent and fast.