File emails based on words in the subject line

A basic rule configured in FileChimp can match words found in the subject line of incoming or sent emails to relevant network folders. Before getting started you need to consider your own folder structure to see if words are duplicated in folders and possibly in subfolders. For effective automatic email filing you are looking for a unique match - ensuring that emails are filed correctly to the relevant folders.

The video below demonstrates some of the basic matching abilities of FileChimp and are suitable to users who have quite unique folder names (they could be product names). You must also consider if the folder names contain words which may be entered by others into the subject line of an email. For example this basic rule type might not be appropriate if you have folders on the network called 'Year 2020' and 'Year 2019' as you may receive emails wishing you a 'Happy new Year' which could match several destination folders. If your folders do contain generic words which repeat across folders you might need to consider using a [ ] match or one of the other mechanisms available like pattern matching (to match project numbers). The [ ] match is explored in the video below as a way to create a targeted filing strategy.